What's the Matter?

Grades: 2 | Fiction Mini Book | 4 pages


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What's the Matter?

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Guided Reading Level L, Grade Level Equivalent 2.6. This Teaching Resource, Fluency Practice Mini-Books: Grade 3, offers countless opportunities to build and strengthen your students' ability to read with ease and confidence. It contains 15 mini-books on topics from core curricular areas, tied in with national standards at the third grade level and presented as fiction, non-fiction, poetry and prose.


1: Introduce unfamiliar or difficult words that students will come across in the text. These might include Franklin, Walter William, fractions, three-quarter, slices, one-third, separately, and notice as well as some of the sight words: idea's and might. Help students decode the words. Review them several times to aid recognition and boost fluency.

2: Review reading techniques the promote fluency, such as reading from left to right, 'smooshing' words to together to sound like talking, and crossing the page with a steady, sweeping eye movement.