Phonics Tales- oo: Goo, Goo!

Grades: 2 | Mini Book | 4 pages


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Phonics Tales- oo: Goo, Goo!

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Guided Reading Level K, Grade Level Equivalent 2.5. Phonics Tales offers a fun and effective way to capitalize on children’s natural interest in learning to read and speed up their reading progress.


    * The first time, read the selected Phonics Tales book aloud all the way through. Let children enjoy the story and get a feel for the language.
    * When you reread the story, ask children to look and listen for words with the featured phonics element—the words in boldface type. Let children signal when they see and hear these words. Also, pause to read the Phonics Fact each time one appears and have children answer any questions posed.
    * On another reading of the story, ask children to closely examine the illustration on each page. Do they see anything pictured whose name contains the phonics element? Can they find words in the illustration and in the speech balloons?
    * After several readings, encourage children to chime in on predictable words, especially words containing the phonics element. You may need to pause before the word as you point to it to help children sound it out. Have volunteers work through blending words with the phonics element, starting with simple words and progressing to more difficult ones. Children will delight in seeing how many words they know and can learn!
    * Additional options for reading include reading the story chorally, having volunteers read a page at a time, or having partners read the story independently.