My Book About Johnny Appleseed

Grades: 3 | Nonfiction Mini Book | 4 pages


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My Book About Johnny Appleseed

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Guided Reading Level N, Grade Level Equivalent 3. These interactive booklets are designed to delight as they teach children about the world around them. With these booklets in hand, children reflect upon what they are reading, think critically, and express themselves in writing.



Before children begin the Hey,Brother! writing activity on pages 3 and 4, review The Story of Johnny Appleseed on pages 1 and 2, and any other Johnny Appleseed books you are using. Point out the details that describe what Johnny’s life was like out west. Write these details on a large chart so children can refer to them when writing their letters.


Apple Taste Test

First, hand out a Red Delicious slice to each child. Discuss the color of the apple’s skin and flesh. Next, have children taste the apple. Is the apple sweet or tart? How about the texture—is the apple firm or soft? Do the same with Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples. Then compare the apples.