Taking Care of My Teeth

Grades: 1 | Nonfiction Mini Book | 4 pages


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Taking Care of My Teeth

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Guided Reading Level E, Grade Level Equivalent 1.2. Divide the class into groups of six. Have each child read aloud one page to the group and share his or her illustration. Encourage students to ask questions about their classmates’ responses. For example, they could ask, “When did you lose your first tooth?” or “Do you like going to the dentist?”


-- Compare human teeth with the teeth of various animals. Discuss how the shape of teeth relates to their purpose (chewing grass, tearing meat, and so on).

-- Make a bar graph showing how many teeth students have lost. (You might arrange this by month rather than by student.) Encourage children to add to the graph whenever they lose a tooth.

-- Teach children words that can be used in describing a sequence of events (first, next, then,and last). Have children tell or write the steps of brushing their teeth using these sequence words.