What Happens in the Capitol Building?

Nonfiction Mini Book | 2 pages


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What Happens in the Capitol Building?

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Guided Reading Level N, Grade Level Equivalent 3. The U.S. Capitol sits on Capitol Hill, the hub of government in Washington, D.C. It has been home to the Senate and the House of Representatives since 1800. The Capitol holds many mementos of American history and has been the site of funerals for famous Americans, such as Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.


Check Out Webquest. Take your students online to complete the United States Symbols Webquest, a prepared list of questions about U.S. symbols. The web site is: http://www.nashville.k12.tn.us/webquests/united_states_symbols.htm

Know Who’s Who in Government. Ask students to scan local newspapers to find pictures of their state representatives in the Senate and the House of Representatives. Post pictures of these men and women in the classroom.