The Grouchy Ladybug

Grades: Pre-K-K | Fiction Mini Book | 2 pages


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The Grouchy Ladybug

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Guided Reading Level C, Grade Level Equivalent 0.5. Welcome to the world of collaborative bookmaking! These fun and simple early writing experiences use favorite picture books as springboards to create delightful class-made books!




An ill-tempered ladybug learns that to have friends, she needs to be a friend. Discuss what it means to be grouchy. Can students give examples of when they’ve had a grouchy day? How do they think others feel when they act grouchy? Read the title and have students make predictions about the story. Throughout the story, whenever a character acts grouchy, stop reading and ask students to imagine how the other characters feel as a result. At the end, discuss what the ladybug learned.


Writing & Art


What does it mean to “bug” someone? Ask children what this expression means, and explain the play on words. Ask students to describe things that bug them. Pass out the student writing sheets.Write the following prompt on the board: “What bugs me is _______________.” Have students write a sentence or two about something that bugs them and why.