Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Grades: Pre-K-K | Fiction Mini Book | 2 pages


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Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

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Guided Reading Level C, Grade Level Equivalent 0.5. Welcome to the world of collaborative bookmaking! These fun and simple early writing experiences use favorite picture books as springboards to create delightful class-made books!




The question “What do you see?” is answered throughout the book by various animals in a repetitive pattern. Invite students to join as you read each question, and encourage children to predict what each animal will see next. Read the book again, this time inviting students to read along as they use the illustrations to guide their recollection of the text.


Writing & Art


Explain that children will create their own story about the things that a black cat might see on Halloween. On the board, write the prompt: “I see a _________ _________ staring at me.” Remind students to fill in both the color of the object and the object, such as “green witch” or “orange jack-o’-lantern.” Distribute the student writing pages. Explain that students will write their response on the lines and draw an illustration in the space. Provide writing assistance as necessary. When students have finished, bind the pages together and read the collaborative book aloud. As you are reading, add questions to replicate the pattern in the book—for example,“Black cat, black cat, what do you see?”