The Bald Eagle

Nonfiction Mini Book | 2 pages


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The Bald Eagle

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Guided Reading Level N, Grade Level Equivalent 3. After six years of debate, the bald eagle was selected as our national bird in 1782. Considering the bird a symbol of courage, strength, and freedom, early U.S. leaders chose the bald eagle over an alternate choice, the wild turkey.


Vote for a Symbol. Elect a class animal. Invite students to select two or three animals that symbolize your class in character, size, or another way. Hold a debate if necessary. Encourage students to defend their choices and identify reasons why their animal of choice would be most fitting.


Adjectives of Honor. Invite students to come up with synonyms for the words that describe our national bird, such as courage, freedom, and strength. Urge them to think of additional words that describe our nation and its qualities.


Design a Family Crest. Have students create their own family crest and tell the class what its symbols mean. Compare the family symbols with the Great Seal of the United States, the symbol of a nation.