Tall Tales: Febold Feboldson

Grades: 3 | Nonfiction Mini Book | 6 pages


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Tall Tales: Febold Feboldson

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Guided Reading Level O, Grade Level Equivalent 3.4. This tall tale of a giant Swedish pioneer in the Great Plains is based on a character whose
name first appeared in print in 1923 in the Gothenburg, Nebraska, newspaper the Independent.

Later stories about Febold were published in the Gothenburg Times from 1928 to 1933. The stories have been collected and retold many times since.


Divide the class into pairs. Ask each pair to write and then illustrate a two-page insert for the mini-book. The spread should show how the students imagine Febold Feboldson would have coped with another challenge - a dust storm, extreme hot or cold, or any other natural disaster - he might have faced on the Great Plains. Share these spreads with the class and compile them to make a sequel minibook, Further Adventures of Febold Feboldson.