The Letter Aa: Interactive Mini-Book

Grades: Pre-K-1 | Learning Activity, Flash Card, Letter Sequence, Worksheet | 4 pages


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The Letter Aa: Interactive Mini-Book

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With this four-page resource, teachers help children develop reading and writing skills including: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary Development, and Emergent Writing skills. The resource begins with a cartoon character to represent the phonemic sound for the letter Aa, then letter cards for the upper and lowercase Aa help children match the sound to the letter (phonics), a practice page for tracing and writing Aa follows, then the sign for the letter Aa gives children a tactile method for remembering the letter, and finally, four word and picture cards help children practice the sound the letter Aa makes. Children can cut out and color each page and make a poster for the letter Aa to take home and share with their families.